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The Pooram season which falls in March/April lasts for 14 days and it is the festival season for the whole Peruvanam Gramam. Pooram festival is celeberated as the welfare and agriculture for the people who among the Peruvanam Gramam and for all over the World. “ Pooram” as known as the festival of Peruvanam Grama, and it is older than any other pooram’s which is celeberating in Kerala.The first five days of festival, it is tantric rituals which is confined to inside the temple .

Day 1 to 5

Tantric Rituals with Brahma Kalasam on 5th day Rohini Vilakku on 5th day with 5 elepants and Panchavadyam for Siveli in the night.

6 thday

Makeeryam Purappadu in the night . Guard of Honour by Kerala Police. 5 elephants Ezhunallippu with Pandi Melam and thereafter Arattu.


Thiruvathira Arattu at Mampilly kulam.

8th day

Punartham Arattu at Narukulangara


Peruvanam Pooram . 7 elephants with Panchari Melam. Chathakudam Sastha as Devi’s Protector accompanies Devi in the Pooram. At the end Arattu at Thodukulam. After Upacharam with other god/goddesss Devi return to Urakam.

10th day

Devi is going to Ayiril Mana for Para and proceeds to Thantri Illam. After that goes to Pidikkaparambu Pooram and return to Urakam.

11th day

Para at Cheruvathoor mana and proceed to Tharakkal Pooram. After that goes to Kizhottukkara mana for Arattu and pooja.

12th day

Arattupuzha Pooram. Koottiezhunallippu with Lord SriRama(Diety ofThriprayar) at middle and Ammathiruvadi and Cherpu Bhagawathy on either side.The popular belief is that seeing this is equivalent to visiting Vaikuntam (Of Mahavishnu). In older days, all temples close early on that day with the belief that all God and goddess goes to see this Koottiezhunallippu at Arattupuzha. Here, only Devi is taking Arattu together with Thriprayar Thevar in the same ghat in the Arattupuzha river.After Upacharam with Arattupuzha Sastha returning to Urakam. Uttrampattu is performed in the evening .

13th day

Pakal pooram and closing the Pooram festival by Kodikuthu.

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